Bush Administration to Congress: Fuck Off

Today’s WaPo has this delightful piece confirming what we already knew: Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler Bush has directed Karl Rove not to cooperate with the Senate’s investigation of the infamous U.S. Attorney firings. White House counsel and legal issues spokesmodel Fred Fielding says that the administration is only trying to safeguard “the ability of future Presidents to ensure that the Executive’s decisions reflect and benefit from the candid exchange of informed and diverse viewpoints.”

Uh huh. If these criminals had their way, there wouldn’t be any future presidents for quite some time.

In addition, Attorney General and craven perjurer Alberto Gonzales declined the Senate Judiciary Committee’s invitation to amend and/or supplement his earlier testimony. After admitting yesterday that his testimony was “confusing,” Gonzales bristled at the suggestion that his testimony was “misleading.” Surprisingly enough, judiciary committee chair Sen. Pat Leahy (D-Vt) isn’t satisfied with Gonzo’s wordsmithing. There’s just no pleasing some people.

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  • illusory tenant  On August 2, 2007 at 9:09 am

    safeguard “the ability of future Presidents …”

    You mean this touchingly selfless justification for executive privilege doesn’t bring a tear to your eye? You hardhearted bastard!

    Somehow I can’t imagine the FreeRepublic crowd endorsing this particular prong in Fielding’s argument, but I can see them forgetting it in the years following November 4, 2008.

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