It was T’rr’rism! Maybe!!!1!

Thanks to our new friends at Heraldblog, I’ve climbed aboard the loltrain and am currently loling m.a.o. over Michelle Malkin’s contention that the Department of Homeland Security jumped the gun in announcing that the Minneapolis bridge collapse disaster doesn’t appear to be the work of t’rr’rists. Attagirl, Michelle. Keep them readers good and skeert. And go get me a sammich and some pie.

Heraldblog also informs us that John “Nationwide Litigation Practice” Hinderaker claims that “Bridges like these don’t collapse in the US, especially when they’re only 40 years old.” Jesus Christ. When did Regent University start passing out advanced degrees in structural engineering?

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  • But  On August 3, 2007 at 6:58 am

    That’s the smoking gun. Let’s go bomb Iran.

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