Tom Tancredo: Dangerous Lunatic, Crybaby, but NOT a One-Trick Pony

I’m almost sorry about missing Sunday’s Republican presidential candidates debate. From what I’ve read and the snippets I’ve seen on the teevee, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo really did our state proud.

The New York Times writeup, available here, accurately describes the proceedings, but mere words can’t convey the true depth and breadth of Tancredo’s insanity. Tommy Boy’s head damn near exploded as bitched out moderator George Stephanopolous for not giving him enough face time. You’ve gotta see it to appreciate it.

Say what you will about Tancredo, but the widely held view that he’s a one-trick pony simply isn’t accurate. True, there was a time when his political mission statement consisted pretty much exclusively of, “I hate Mexicans; if you hate Mexicans too, vote for me.” But that’s not the case anymore.

A few years back Tom devised a brilliant idea for keeping our nation safe: Announce publicly that that the United States will turn Mecca into a smoldering hole in the ground if terrorists execute a nuclear attack on U.S. soil. Now that he’s running for president, Tom has placed that bit of genius front and center in his campaign.

Never mind that Islamic terrorists are religious fanatics or that religious fanatics willing to die for their cause have never been especially amenable to dissuasion by threat. The important thing is that we whip out our Johnsons and show the terrorists that Christian religious fanatics can be every bit as unhinged and insane as Muslim ones.

I call on everyone to donate $50 to Tancredo’s presidential campaign. We’ve got to keep this nutburger in the game as long as possible. He can do to the Republican Party at the national level what Katharine “Sugartits” Harris did to it at the state level in Florida during her recent Senate campaign.

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  • Novowels  On August 6, 2007 at 3:01 pm

    Sure, first you want me to give $50 to one of the crackpotted fucknuts in the race for the Republican nomination, and the next thing you know you’ll want me to give it to all of them.

    I’m not made of money.

  • genghishitler  On August 6, 2007 at 3:15 pm

    Not all of ’em, Novowels, just Tancredo.

    And since when are you not made of money?! 😀

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