Bob Allen: Not Gay, Not Racist, Not Guilty

Florida State Representative Bob Allen (R-Sex Criminal) isn’t giving up. His lawyer says that, well, yeah, maybe Allen agreed to blow an undercover cop and pay the cop twenty bucks as a bonus, but the cop actually did all the soliciting. That probably somehow means that Rep. Allen is most assuredly not gay.

And Allen was in the park alone looking like a crack addict “because he was planning an event at the park[.]” Well, yeah, that makes perfect sense. After all, blowing a stranger in a public park surely qualifies as an “event.”

And all that stuff Allen told the police about being afraid because the cop was “a stocky black guy” and there were other black guys hanging around? Not racist at all, not even a little. The lawyer says:

“This was not a question of race; it was the way they looked,” the attorney said. “These three guys were hanging out together, obviously together, and then one of them asks for money. It was the classic situation in a mugging.”

Exactly. It’s the way they looked. And the way they looked, of course, was big and black. What’s so racist about that? Goddamn liberals play the race card at the drop of a fucking hat.

Earlier SCD coverage is available here and here. I can hardly wait to see what whacky turn this case takes next!

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  • mrzippy13  On August 11, 2007 at 5:23 pm

    This story makes me smile every time I hear something new about it. Putting aside his asinine argument about entrapment, I love his excuse for being in that park to begin with. Now I’m not gay, but even I know that if a fella’s looking for a little “action,” a park restroom is as good a place as any to find what you’re looking for.

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