Meltdown in the right wing blogosphere

Next time the perpetually dyspeptic Greatest Generation lady next door starts complaining with breathless exasperation over how no one ever reports GOOD news anymore, tell her about mah main man Illusory Tenant. Here IT tells the story of how some clown registered the domain name — substantially similar to Republican noncandidate for president Fred Thompson’s — and is using it to send people hither and yon to all sorts of delightful web destinations.

The truly entertaining part, of course, is the reactions of right wing bloggers, which run the gamut from gathering torches and pitchforks to berating Thompson’s credentials. One guy at the disturbingly titled Boots & Sabers announced:

[Thompson] just doesn’t have a record. He’s like the Obama of the right – someone for disenchanted conservatives to project their hopes. At the end of the day there’s nothing there except a Senator who did nothing while in office.

I wonder if this clown knows that Thompson was giving legal advice to Senate Republicans regarding the Nixon impeachment when said clown was just an itch in his daddy’s pants. In any event, fuck that guy for making me stick up for Fred Thompson.

Enjoy the show!

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