Mad, mad props to the cheesers.

The great state of Wisconsin boasts a plethora of first-rate leftie bloggers, several of which I’m honored to say have visited this unworthy backwater of the blogosphere.

Many of these Wisconsinites appear to be united in disdain for some of their local wingnuts. Among the nuts in question is some dumbass Republican hack and fake journalist named Jessica McBride. Whenever Ms. McBride says something stupid — which appears to be any time she speaks or writes — Wisconsin’s finest are all over it. The commentary is as hilarious as it is incisive.

Another favorite target is some right wing radio talk show host by the name of Charlie Sykes. In response to a “book” Mr. Sykes wrote titled Fifty Rules Kids Won’t Learn in School, a number of our intrepid lefties put their noggins together and devised a response: 50+ Things You Won’t Hear on Talk Radio. Multiple links to this terrific bit of work are available here courtesy of Illusory Tenant, one of the contributors. Here’s hoping you enjoy it as much as I did!

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