Bob Allen Hits Bedrock, Fires Up the Jackhammer

As we all know, Florida State Rep. Bob Allen (R-Equal Parts Stupid, Racist and Desperate) is facing criminal charges for offering to suck an undercover cop’s Johnson in a public park and pay the cop twenty bucks.

After originally telling the press that the whole mess was just a huge misunderstanding, it came to light that at the police station following his arrest he admitted agreeing to do the deed. He “explained” himself by claiming that he was just “playing along” and looking for a chance to get away because the cop was a big, burly black dude. He was scared because he thought the cop and the other black dudes in the park were going to beat his doughy white ass into mush and rob him. Cuz, after all, that’s what black dudes do.

Just when you thought there wasn’t so much as a cubic millimeter of foot room left in his massive mouth, Rep. Allen starts yammering again.

Yesterday the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives took away Allen’s legislative committee appointments pending the outcome of the criminal case. Bob’s response?

On Wednesday, he told newspapers he felt he was being considered guilty even before his first court date — as would happen in a totalitarian government such as Cuba.

If by chance you haven’t already guessed it, the Speaker — a man by the name of Marco Rubio — is Cuban American. Allen apparently spent the rest of the day trying to persuade people that he wasn’t comparing Rep. Rubio to Castro:

“Never was I trying to ever say Marco is the new Fidel. That’s the most insulting thing you can tell anyone in Miami,” Allen said. “I would have used North Korea if I thought more.”

I suppose North Koreans are insufficiently numerous in South Florida to warrant concern about pissing them off.

Today’s Orlando Sentinel story is available here. SCD’s prior entries are here, here and here.

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