Rove: You’re all “elite, effete snobs who can’t hold a candle to” George Bush.

Thanks to Wonkette for pointing me to this item at Think Progress. Seems Karl Rove appeared on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show yesterday and called those of us who dare to criticize the president a bunch of “elite, effete snobs who, you know, can’t hold a candle to the guy.” There’s an audio clip at the Think Progress link, but please leave it the fuck alone unless and until you’re cleared to listen by a board-certified gastroenterologist.

Rove blabbers relentlessly about what a voracious reader Bush is, how Bush “IS Middle America” and what an abundance of “common sense” Bush possesses.

Christ. Bush is an Eastern aristocrat who is to Middle America what Bill Bennett and Dennis Hastert are to sensible eating habits, i.e., not a goddamn thing. And isn’t touting someone’s “common sense” just a way of being kind to the magnificently stupid? Rove may as well have said that Bush has a high degree of “emotional intelligence.”

I criticize the president all the damn time. Elite? Sure I went to law school, but so has damn near everyone else, so that hardly qualifies me as elite.

As for the rest, if Rove wanted to toss around the other “E” word he should have avoided being photographed with his disconcertingly corpulent frame pressed tightly against his male hero while appearing as though he’s a hair’s breadth away from blubbering like a bitch.

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