Just What America Needs: Another “Biblical Worldview” Law School

Falwell’s Liberty University School of Law and Robertson’s Regent University School of Law apparently aren’t cranking out biblical inerrantist lawyers at a prodigious enough rate, and the ones they do crank out all end up working for the Bush Administration. Louisiana College, a small Baptist school, intends to help fill the void by opening a “biblical worldview” law school in 2009.

The problem, according to Louisiana College’s president, is that “[s]ome anti-Christian courts have improperly interpreted the U.S. Constitution on issues involving religious liberties and family values[.]” The solution, he says, is lawyers with “a passion to change the world in the name of Christ[.]”

The school will be named the Judge Paul Pressler School of Law in honor of the right wing nutburger who led the fight to save the Southern Baptist Convention from the horrors of creeping liberalism and return it to proper biblical literalist moorings.

No announcements to date, but we suspect that Pressler Law graduates will highly prioritize repealing the Thirteenth Amendment, which did away with an institution that features prominently in the biblical worldview, and enacting a nationwide ban on iron chariots, which apparently are far too badass for at least one Member of the Holy Trinity.

Tip of the hat to Professor Howard Friedman at Religion Clause for the heads-up.

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