Happy trails, ya fat fuck.

Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-One Man Obesity Epidemic) is leaving the House of Representatives at the end of his current term. After whining about feeling like a “prisoner” in his own office while he was Speaker of the House, he pretty much blamed the Republicans losing control of Congress on the whole lot of us being a bunch of chickenshit pussies with no courage of conviction re Iraq:

Hastert denied that various GOP scandals helped cost his party control of Congress. Instead, he blamed the public’s desire for a shortcut out of the Iraq war.

“The American people would like to see a war of three months and drop a bomb from 40,000 feet and say, ‘We’ve done the job.’ But to really make changes in government in a place like Iraq or Afghanistan is a long, hard, dirty process,” the congressman said.

Right, Dennis. It had nothing at all to do with your own moral depravity in covering up Mark Foley’s efforts to boink underage boys. It’s all about our wavering commitment. That’s right. In Hastert’s eyes, we’re culpable because we have no desire to spend more lives, time, and treasure on an effort that all but the most craven neoconservative loons recognize as a catastrophic failure on every level other than war profiteering.

Speaking of profiteering, we needn’t concern ourselves over the prospect of Hastert being forced to survive on a diet of Chinese Poison Train dog food. He’s feathered his own nest quite nicely on our dime, thank you very much.

Go fuck yourself, fat boy.

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  • criminyjicket  On August 18, 2007 at 8:13 pm

    nope…he pretty much has it right. We do want wars that resembles sitcoms in duration, and we sure do like a winner. It sucks that he is right, but he is. Doesn’t mean we aren’t right for wanting to geto ut of the war though. It just means we are as a soxiety a bunch of pussies, and like to blame the fatfucks we elected for that travesty.

  • vm  On August 19, 2007 at 7:23 am

    No need to blame society as a whole for the stupid choices of the majority. Some of us had no part in electing the warmongers and would prefer that there was no war at all.

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