McCain: St. Petraeus will testify on 9/11

Courtesy of the wingers over at National Review Online, John McCain says that General Saint Petraeus will testify before the Senate regarding the present military situation in Iraq on 9/11/07. Is there no limit whatsoever to these insufferable bastards’ willingness to whore the corpses of 9/11 victims for political gain?

Never mind. That was a dumbfuck question if ever there was one.

In other news, “McCain is going to launch the ‘No Surrender Tour’ in the near future, featuring veterans, medal of honor winners, and those who have served in Iraq.” John’s more insane statements include:

  • “Believe me, I understand the frustration, sorrow, and sacrifices made… I would remind you I was one of the greatest critics of Rumsfeld and the previous failed strategy. This strategy will succeed.”
  • “I think that they’ve [Democrats] lost sight of the fact that presidents don’t lose wars, but nations lose wars.”
  • “I may be digging for the pony but I think we are seeing a shift in American public opinion.”
  • “I can’t say I’m optimistic but I think there’s some potential for progress… I keep believing that Maliki and the others are staring at the abyss. Hopefully they’re going to make some progress… there’s also the option – and I note we don’t need to tell them to what to do, it’s hypocritical to say they’re independent and then tell them to do A, B, and C…”
  • “Our first goal is to shore up our shaky Republicans. “

And the statement that unintentionally cuts to the emotional core of the whole goddamn fiasco:

“I was in Woffboro, New Hampshire and a woman, the mother of Matthew Stanley, who was killed in Baghdad in December,  asked me to make sure her son’s death not in vain. She gave me a bracelet with her son’s name, and I’m wearing that bracelet today. We’ve got to make sure the American people understand the consequences of failure.”

One of the consequences being that we’d have to admit to Mr. Stanley’s mother and others in her position that their loved ones did indeed die in vain. That’s got to be avoided at all costs, even if it means riding the bomb all the way in, a la Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove.

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  • Zach  On August 21, 2007 at 7:40 am

    McCain really has turned into a crackpot, hasn’t he? It’s little wonder his status as the GOP frontrunner is gone, given his fondness for kissing GWB’s ass at every turn. It’s really sad to see what John McCain’s become.

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