Impeachment Project Blog Hits the Big Time

Thanks to work-related stuff I’ll have little time for blogging before Saturday, but this is just too good to keep.

Impeachment Project posted this item not long ago about a winger outfit called Family Security Matters that’s fond of publishing online articles touting the benefits — nay, the necessity — of George W. Bush becoming Global Monarch for Life. Standing alone, the whole mess would be downright laughable. But this doesn’t stand alone.

It seems that Family Security Matters is a front for an outfit called the Center for Security Policy/National Security advisory council. CSP/NCS is linked to a disturbingly large number of past and present government officials, including Dick Cheney. So, then, we have what amounts to a de facto government agency publishing articles about the desirability of a global Bush dictatorship. That shit’s deeply disturbing any way you slice it.

Impeachment Project’s coverage hit the big time today with a link and a direct quote on the wildly popular Wonkette. Outstanding work, y’all!

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