In case you hadn’t noticed . . .

. . . the Brits have indeed pulled the remaining troops from their last stronghold in Basra, a city in southeast Iraq, and turned over the base to Iraqi police. Not noticing is eminently understandable, seeing as how the much-vilified-despite-its-nonexistence American liberal media has had little to say on the issue.

News coverage is available via British sources, including The Independent, the Sunday Herald, The Guardian, Reuters UK and the BBC.

So much for the Coalition of 7.2 Fucktillion Willing Countries. All the remains is the inevitable call-up of additional U.S. forces to take over for the Brits in Basra, because the Iraqi police aren’t ready to handle things yet, ya see. Not to worry, though, for September is almost here. Everything’s gonna be just fine come September.

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