Fundies and Money and Lies, Oh My!

Here we reported that disgraced ex-preacher and drug-addled sodomite Ted Haggard recently emailed a Colorado Springs, CO teevee reporter to say that he and his family were moving into a Phoenix, AZ halfway house operated by an Assemblies of God church. Not so, says one of the church’s ministers:

“That was premature,” Leo Godzich, minister at First Assembly church, told the Associated Press Monday.

First Assembly Pastor Tommy Barnett founded the Dream Center and is a mentor to Haggard during his spiritual recovery.

“That is not part of his restoration plan. I think he visited the Dream Center, saw it was a good place for people to rehab and got excited,” Godzich said.

After all, Ted Haggard is an excitable guy. If there ever were plans for the Haggards to move into the Phoenix Dream Center, those plans are clearly off the table in view of Ted’s recent money-grubbing shenanigans.

Speaking of money grubbing, you may recall from yesterday’s story that Haggard — a millionaire — is encouraging supporters to pay his living expenses by making tax-deductible contributions through Families with a Mission. Today’s Rocky Mountain News has some entertaining factoids about Paul Huberty, the big cheese at Families with a Mission:

While serving with the U.S. Air Force in Germany in 1996, then-Lt. Col. Paul G. Huberty was convicted of sodomy, indecent acts, and adultery involving a 17-year girl who accompanied Huberty to Europe as his “legal ward,” according to military court records.

In the same trial, the 18-year Army veteran also was convicted of “dishonorably fondling his genitals” during an incident involving two Dutch women at a public swimming pool in the Netherlands.

When, oh when, will these people learn to fondle their genitals honorably?

Couple the above with his 2004 conviction for attempted sexual assault in Hawaii, which occurred three years after he founded Families with a Mission, and we see that Mr. Huberty is quite the little horndoggy.

Don’t worry, though. Huberty is only going to keep ten percent of the money we send him support Haggard.

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