Giuliani: Craven Liar, Unrepentent Monster

H/T to Daily Kos for linking to this video. Why did Rudy put that “command center” in the World Trade Center complex? Two reasons: (1) garden variety cronyism; and (2) it made a convenient fuck chamber for Rudy and the idiot bint he was banging at the time (his current wife). Rudy says that his advisors told him to put it there. That, as the video reveals, is lie of biblical proportions.

As Kos puts it:

The bottom line is that Rudy’s idiocy cost us more lives on 9/11. And in this world turned upside down, he’s campaigning as though his record on that score were something to be proud of.

If that isn’t wretched enough, check out this shit:

“For me every day is an anniversary of Sept. 11,” Giuliani said after reviewing emergency response equipment at the Pinellas Sheriff’s Office with Attorney General Bill McCollum and Sheriff Jim Coats. “If we don’t talk about Sept. 11, you can’t prepare to try to avoid another Sept. 11.”

There are no words to describe my revulsion for this prick. The idea that anyone gives his candidacy so much as a moment’s serious consideration is light years beyond unfathomable, yet here he is looking ever more like the Anointed One for the Republicans.

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