Kwazy Kwiminals

The homicidally enraged are, by and large, not the sort of folk we value in a civilized society. However, you’ve gotta give credit where it’s due, and these people often come up with extraordinarily inventive ways of committing unintentional suicide.

Take this guy for instance. He entered his ex-girlfriend’s Basalt, Colorado home early Saturday morning and started a fire in the living room. He was also carrying a high-powered assault rifle and a couple pocketfuls of ammo. Why he needed both a fire and such heavy armament is anyone’s guess. The cops speculate that he may have been planning to wait outside after starting the fire and blow his ex’s head off when she ran out of the building.

Whatever the plan was, it almost certainly didn’t include setting himself on fire, running out of the house engulfed in flames, shooting himself in the head, then lying in the yard ablaze while the ammo in his pockets exploded from the heat. Yet strangely enough, that’s exactly what happened.

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