Oh Blackwater, Keep on Rollin’

The band of sociopathic thugs collectively known as Blackwater USA is one of multiple private “security” companies working in Iraq at U.S. taxpayer expense. On Sunday a group of Blackwater operatives opened fire on a group of civilians near a State Department convoy, killing 20 and wounding 35. Blackwater contends that “its employees acted in self-defense and that those killed were armed combatants who threatened State Department personnel.”

The Iraqi Interior ministry, appearing ready to test drive the eensy weensy pair of testicles it’s starting to grow, announced on Monday that it would cancel Blackwater’s license to operate in Iraq and expel them from the country. Brave, right?

Not so fast. Enter U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. She has a little heart-to-heart with the Iraqi Prime Minister, and today the ban is only “temporary” pending the outcome of an investigation. The article linked above says that the Iraqi government softened its position after Rice promised “a fair and transparent investigation”, but that doesn’t wash at all. When has the Bush administration done anything fairly or transparently?

More likely than not, Rice simply reminded al-Maliki who’s really in charge. We’ve fucked it up from Day One, we continue to fuck it up, but it’s still our show, goddamnit.

Meanwhile, a judge from Iraq’s Supreme Judiciary Council says that Blackwater could face criminal charges in an Iraqi court. Someone needs to tell his honor that U.S. contractors are now subject to our own red, white and blue Uniform Code of Military Justice. Those Blackwater bitches will never see the inside of an Iraqi courtroom.

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