Who the Fuck is Michael Mukasey?

Okay, so we know he’s an old guy, a former federal district court judge, a partner with the powerful silk stocking law firm Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler, LLP and Bush’s nominee to replace lying sack of shit and entrails Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General of the United States. That’s a decent start, I suppose, but there’s gotta be more to the man.

First of all, neither Glenn Greenwald nor Nan Aron hates his guts reflexively. That’s got to count for something, though I’m not sure what.

It’s also worth noting that certain wingnuts are profoundly pissed off that Federalist Society golden boy and former Solicitor General Ted Olsen didn’t get the nod. Early on in Jose Padilla’s habeas corpus case, Mukasey — then a judge with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York — held that Padilla had the right to counsel in connection with his habeas petition. The ruling was totally unremarkable, or at least should have been, seeing as how Padilla is a U.S. citizen and all despite his “enemy combatant” status, but the wingers apparently see the ruling as softness on t’rr’r.

Have any of those wingers read Mukasey’s recent Wall Street Journal op-ed piece in which he appears to endorse establishing a separate “national security court” and employing “legal standards akin to those developed to handle civil commitment of the mentally ill” for alleged terrorists? And back in 2004 he positively gushed with girlish glee over the USA PATRIOT Act.

Other wingnuts see him as insufficiently anti-choice based on the Chang case. The far right’s hypocritical apoplexy over that issue is well and truly exposed here.

Absent an arrest for butt-fucking a rooster* in a public restroom, I predict a fairly easy confirmation.

*Butt-fucking a chicken wouldn’t automatically torpedo the nomination. It would still be bestiality, of course, but at least it wouldn’t be gay bestiality.

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