Larry Craig: Still Guilty, Still a Senator

Hennepin County, Minnesota District Court Judge Charles Porter issued an order yesterday denying the motion of Senator Larry Craig (R-Stillgay) to withdraw his plea of guilty to a disorderly conduct charge stemming from his efforts to solicit sex from an undercover cop in an airport men’s room. The order and accompanying opinion are available here in pdf. The twenty-seven pages in the pdf file basically boils down to “Go fuck yourself”, but it’s a pretty good read nonetheless.

The good news is that Senator Craig will keep his ongoing efforts at political self-immolation public through January 2009, when his current Senate term expires. Unsurprisingly, Craig has reneged on his earlier statements that he’d resign. According to his latest statement:

“Over the course of my three terms in the Senate and five terms in the House, I have accumulated seniority and important committee assignments that are valuable to Idaho, not the least of which are my seats on the Appropriations Committee, the Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the Veterans’ Affairs Committee. A replacement would be highly unlikely to obtain these posts.”

It’s all for the people of Idaho, don’tcha know.  Never mind that those committee assignments ain’t what they used to be. That little factoid pales to complete insignificance when compared to what Idaho would lose if Larry cuts and runs.

Rock on, ya stupid bastard. You’re our totally heterosexual hero.

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