Coulter: We’re Hot, You’re Not

I’m heartsick — heartsick, I tell you — over having missed Ann Coulter’s Friday appearance on the radio show of local conservatard Mike Rosen, but Colorado Media Matters comes to the rescue with this report. After advising us that liberals engage in personal attacks, whereas she does not, Coulter tells us how to distinguish liberal wimmins from conservative wimmins:

You can look out over the audience and, just on the basis of pulchritude, figure out who are the right-wingers and who are the liberals.

That’s the case because “college Republican girls are invariably beautiful.” Rosen, struggling to keep up, added that the Republichicks “shave their legs and they use underarm deodorant too . . . .”

The “conservative chicks are hot and liberal chicks are coyote ugly” thing has been part of Coulter’s aged and infirmed shtick for some time, but every example helps. Next time you comment on an internet discussion board about Coulter’s emaciated, mannish frame and how horrifically bad her cooter must smell, a winger will no doubt accuse you of trying to divert attention from the message. In that event, you can cite the above article and say, “But that IS the message. By her own test, Coulter is a tree hugging baby eating atheist commie liberal.”

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  • Misanthropic Scott  On October 8, 2007 at 10:35 am

    I think it’s obvious that democrats are hotter than republicans. Who ever heard of a nice piece of elephant?

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