State Party Officer Humiliates Republicans, Self

Check out the buffoonery from the online LTTE section of the Rocky Mountain News. The author is none other than “Lieutenant Steve Schultz, USNR (Ret), also Secretary of the Colorado Republican Party”.

Based on writing quality alone, it looks as though either (a) being state party secretary is such an odious chore that no one of even marginal competence would ever do it, or (b) we’ve discovered a key underlying cause of the Colorado Republican Party’s waning influence.

In any event, the letter is delightfully amusing in ways that extend far beyond mere spelling, grammar and syntax errors. For one thing, you’ve got a retired naval reservist talking all Billy Badass about military endeavors. In the same letter, he complains that people who criticize Bush for failing to take down Osama bin Laden are actually criticizing The Troops(TM) because The Troops(TM) are the ones who actually let him slip away. “Thanks for reminding us,” Lt. Schultz writes, “you’ve been a big help.” In other words, we’re hurting Mr. Badass’s feelings.

He derides the “[m]orons” who support because they “aren’t happy with the America of our fathers and grandfathers.” In a way, Schultz is unintentionally correct here. I have no desire for immersion in the separate-but-equal, Social Darwinist milieu that prevailed in my ancestors’ time. As both my father and my paternal grandfather were fond of saying, there’s no such thing as the good ol’ days.

And then there’s this treasure:

The U.S. Senate voted 77 to 23 (bipartisan votes) to remove Saddam Hussein. That’s why we’re there.

If that’s the case, then “Mission Accomplished” indeed! The question now becomes, why are we still there?

Last but by no means least is my personal favorite:

What the Move.on folks don’t want to admit is Islamic fundamentalists are more of a threat to us than President Bush.

The Bad Lieutenant regrettably neglects to say exactly how much greater a problem the Islamo-fundies pose, but at least he tacitly admits that Bush is in fact a threat.

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