Larry On!

The Senator Larry Craig Lunacy Train just keeps on a-barrelin’ down the tracks. Larry has now appealed a Minnesota trial judge’s decision denying his motion to withdraw a guilty plea stemming from an incident in a public men’s room in which Craig tried to solicit gay sex from a guy who turned out to be an undercover cop.

As evidenced by Craig’s comments to NBC News, he apparently considers himself a brave American hero of sorts:

In a conversation scheduled to air tonight, Craig said he told his wife about the incident on Aug. 27, moments before the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call broke the story of his arrest and guilty plea. He also said he was a victim of profiling and vowed not to resign.

“You know I’m a fighter. . . . I don’t just walk away from a fight. This is the toughest fight of my political life,” he said.

Smart fighters know enough to walk away when they’re getting the shit stomped out of them. Of course, Larry never said he’s a smart fighter.

Most conservatives still appear angered at Larry’s decision to stay on in the Senate. Michelle Malkin has taken to expressing her opprobrium via photoshop.

I tend to agree with folks who argue that what Craig did in this case shouldn’t be considered “criminal.” After all, women regularly have to endure sexual advances multiple orders of magnitude more aggressive and egregious than anything Craig did in that bathroom. Women are expected to put up with such behavior as a badge and incident of being born with cooters instead of Johnsons.  Change the circumstances from male-on-female to male-on-male, though, and suddenly any sort of sexual advance is totally beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct. The fact that the sting operation resulting in Larry’s arrest took place at all is powerful evidence of just how fucked up American society remains.

But that isn’t the issue. The only question at this point is whether Craig made his guilty plea knowingly, voluntarily and accurately. As the trial judge well and truly illustrated, he did.  The prosecutor got it right in his response to Craig’s motion. Larry rolled the dice. He carefully considered his options and decided that pleading guilty to the lesser charge gave him the best chance of keeping the whole mess quiet. He lost. Too bad, so sad, but the fact that he didn’t get what he wanted isn’t grounds for vacating a perfectly proper guilty plea.

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