All the Blackwater News That’s Fit to Print

Hats off to Wonkette for compiling this list of recent articles regarding the gaggle of sociopathic thugs collectively known as Blackwater USA. My personal favorite thus far is the ThinkProgress piece about Blackwater’s ongoing public relations campaign and the myth that the company is saving us oceans of money.

The list doesn’t include any articles about Blackwater obtaining a piece of the $15 billion pie our government recently baked to fight the war on “narcoterrorism” — that’s old news by now — but it’s high time we got in on the action. Twenty percent of Blackwater’s activities under that contract will occur right here in the U.S. of A. Perhaps we should outsource purely domestic DEA and ATF law enforcement functions to Blackwater as well. Nothing says “law and order” like a bunch of heavily armed mercs busting down the door of a private residence, curb-stomping a dog to death and beating the shit out of a medical marijuana user. Why should Iraqis have all the fun?

So how does someone like Erik Prince warrant such favoritism? Colorado Confidential connects the dots here. In short, it’s all about the radical Christian right.

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