The most wonderful time of the year

Yesterday was that most magical and wondrous day of every year, the day the Colorado General Assembly goes back in session.

My elected representatives — Rep. Dianne Primavera and Sen. Shawn Mitchell — agree that TABOR, the “taxpayers’ bill of rights” amendment to the state constitution that turned state government into the fiscal equivalent of an eight-year-old with a lemonade stand, will be front and center yet again during this Second Session of the 66th General Assembly.

Of course, both legislators have other subject on their minds. Time to play Spot the Republican:

Primavera is working on bills that would require more disclosure of premium setting information from health insurers, improve health care access, and provide money for school building improvement.

Mitchell wants to make proficiency in English a requirement for graduating high school, legislatively overrule an executive order allowing unions to bargain on behalf of state employees, and turn health care over to the Holy Free Market.

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