Garcia Resigns

We all know that getting one’s tit caught in a wringer over allegations of sexual impropriety isn’t the sole prerogative of “family values” Republicans, but in the David Vitter/Bob Allen/Larry Craig era it’s nice to be reminded of that fact every now and then. Today brings us just such a reminder.

On Thursday the Denver Post reported that an anonymous female lobbyist was accusing Rep. Michael Garcia (D-Aurora), the Assistant Majority Leader of the Colorado House of Representatives, of being a bad, bad boy. Seems that Garcia was shooting pool at the Lancer Lounge in Denver with the woman in question and other lobbyists after a January 7 fundraiser. According to the complainant, Garcia sauntered up to her, unzipped his fly, whipped out his Johnson and said, “Wouldn’t this be real nice inside of you?” The lobbyist reported the incident to Andrew Romanoff, Speaker of the House, after talking with other female lobbyists, four of whom had similar tales to tell about Garcia.

Garcia formally resigned from the House today. His resignation letter reads in full:

Mr. Speaker, I hereby submit my resignation from the Colorado House of Representatives.

The Post reports that Garcia plans to issue a substantially less bare-bones statement later today.

Update: According to Mr. Garcia’s statement, he and the lobbyist were simply engaged in a bit of consensual conduct:

Initial press reports are highly inaccurate regarding my alleged conduct. The other party and I engaged in consensual conduct that was inappropriate, given my position in the legislature and the fact that the other party is a lobbyist.

Neither Garcia nor his attorney elaborated on the nature of the conduct, so we don’t know whether or not he’s claiming that he and lobbyist entered into some sort of implied-in-fact contract to wander around a public establishment showing one another their front-bottoms.

In any event, Garcia’s stated reason for resigning his House seat is to prevent this kerfuffle from distracting the General Assembly from its work.

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  • iT  On February 2, 2008 at 10:49 am

    “some sort of implied-in-fact contract to wander around a public establishment showing one another their front-bottoms.”


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