Lawyers, Guns and Money IX

The pro-firearm/anti-regulation amicus curiae briefs for District of Columbia v. Heller are starting to roll in. Amicus briefs filed thus far are available here courtesy of SCOTUSblog.

The deadline for filing amicus briefs doesn’t expire until Monday, so there’s bound to be more. Among them will be a brief signed by 55 U.S. Senators and 250 members of the U.S. House of Representatives urging the Court to uphold the court of appeals decision striking down certain District of Columbia firearms regulations on Second Amendment grounds. Story here.

Update (02/11/08):

The Members of Congress amicus brief (pdf, 58 pages) is available here. The breakdown of signatories is 250 members of the House, 55 senators (228 total Republicans, 77 total Democrats) and 1 Vice President of the United States.

That’s right: Dick Cheney signed onto the brief, which asks SCOTUS to: (1) hold that the Second Amendment confers an individual right to bear arms independent of any of that militia stuff; and (2) affirm the court of appeals decision striking down the District of Columbia guns laws at issue.

You don’t often — in fact, don’t ever, AFAIK — see a sitting Vice President take a position contrary to that of the Justice Department in a pending Supreme Court case. In a brief filed last month, the Justice Department argued for the individual rights position but urged SCOTUS to find that the court of appeals applied too stringent a standard of review.

More (02/12/08): All boats are in. The many pro-Heller amicus briefs are available for download here, along with a link to pro-D.C. amicus briefs. All that’s left now is the District’s reply brief, oral argument (set for March 18) and the ruling.

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