Tort “reform” group vies for Darwin Award

Texans for Lawsuit Reform is one of many outfits that bills itself as a group of concerned citizens dedicated bringing sanity back to an out-of-control civil justice system. In truth, as with all such organizations, TLR is an assemblage of well-heeled fat cats devoted to buggering the average citizen for their own personal gain.

But TLR is also a nonprofit corporation, which means paperwork. That includes filing periodic reports with the Texas Secretary of State. Such reports are no great shakes. It’s usually a several-page boilerplate form in which the corporation has to update/verify certain information such as its business address, name and address of its registered agent for service of process, etc. Nothing to it, really.

TLR dropped the ball, though. They missed a periodic report deadline. The Secretary of State provided the written notice required by Texas law and advised TLR that it had it had 120 days to correct the delinquency. Still nothing. At that point, the Secretary of State did the only thing the law allows, namely dissolve the corporation (pdf, 1 page).

Buffoonish incompetence among Texas captains of industry is nothing new, of course, but it never ceases to amuse.

H/T – The Pop Tort

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