(Whereupon there is screaming.)

It’s a banner day for news of profanity during legal proceedings. The good folks at Above the Law bring us this transcript (pdf, 13 pages) of an abortive sentencing hearing conducted on March 11 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

Already in the courtroom was Assistant U.S. Attorney Carolyn Pokorny, who represented the government. The defendant, one Victor Wright, entered the courtroom accompanied by his lawyer and two deputy U.S. marshals. Let the hijinks begin:

(Whereupon the defendant turns towards Ms. Pokorny
and attacks her.)

(Whereupon there is screaming.)

Court reporter Ronald Tolkin, who later transcribed the proceedings from an audiotape, entered the fray immediately and with considerable gusto:

COURT REPORTER: You cock sucker get off of her. Get off of her. Get off of her. You cock sucker get off of her.
U.S. MARSHAL ALVAREZ: Get off of her.
COURT REPORTER: I will beat the shit out of you, you motherfucker. You cock sucker. Who the fuck do you think you are?
COURT REPORTER: Try it on me, man. I’ll kick you in the fuckin balls.
U.S. MARSHAL ALVAREZ: Get off her.
THE DEFENDANT: I apologize.
COURT REPORTER: You apologize, you piece of shit.
U.S. MARSHAL ALVAREZ: Get off of her.
THE DEFENDANT: They are choking me.
COURT REPORTER: You fuckin put your hands behind your back, you cock sucker.

And on it goes. Above the Law assures us that the repeated references to “pushing it in” have nothing to do with forcibly sodomizing the defendant as punishment for attacking the prosecutor. Apparently they’re talking about the courtroom panic button.

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