Blawgosphere pwnt

Eric Turkewitz — attorney, proprietor of the New York Personal Injury Law Blog and, as it turns out, irrepressible scamp — pwnt a sizeable chunk of the blawgosphere yesterday with the mother of all April Fool’s Day gags. The 55-gallon drum of pwnage came in the form of this blog entry detailing the U.S. Supreme Court’s nonexistent order granting certiorari in the fantasy baseball case CBC Distribution v. Major League Baseball Advanced Media. The entry has it all: a description of the lower court proceedings; recusals from Justices Stevens, Breyer and Alito based on their participation in an intra-Court fantasy league; the federal statute requiring recusal; suggestions of possible impropriety on the part of Justices Scalia and Ginsburg for failing to recuse; personal anecdotes; and several hundred thousand links.

The ABA Journal has an abbreviated description and some comments from Mr. Turkewitz here. Well done, sir.

For my money, the only 4/1 activity that came close was the gargantuan amount of Rick Rolling that happened on YouTube yesterday. Even that was more than a little lame by comparison.

Mr. Turkewitz discusses his April Fool’s Day opus in greater detail here.

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