Sunday Booze Sales Coming to Colorado

Today the governor signed a bill that did away with an age-old Colorado “blue law” prohibiting liquor stores from doing business on Sundays. Senate Bill 82 (pdf, 3 pages) takes effect on July 1, 2008. The law prohibiting anyone other than state-licensed liquor vendors to sell real booze remains in effect, as does the prohibition against selling booze on Christmas. Colorado thus becomes the 35th state to allow Sunday sales.

The law doesn’t require liquor stores to open on Sunday, of course; it merely removes the legal impediment. As a practical matter, though, the proprietors of mom & pop liquor stores no longer have any days off. They’ll need to work seven days per week to keep up with the big boys.

The last big statewide blue law still in effect prohibits Sunday car sales. How that’s lasted as long as it has is anyone’s guess.

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