Pa. Primary Round-Up

With the vast majority of the vote counted, Clinton has 55% of the popular vote and Obama has 45%. Clinton will get an additional 52 delegates to the national convention, while Obama will get 46.

A Democrat needs 2,025 delegate votes at the national convention to win the presidential nomination. CNN’s current delegate count looks like this:


Pledged delegates – 1,484

Superdelegates – 230

Total – 1,714


Pledged delegates – 1,330

Superdelegates – 254

Total – 1,584

John Edwards, my choice prior to his dropping out, still has 18 pledged delegates.

Those numbers should, of course, be taken with a big ol’ grain of salt. I say that in large part because the pledged delegate totals appear to include Colorado delegates. Trouble is, there are no pledged delegates from Colorado and won’t be until next month’s State Party Convention and Congressional District Conventions.

At the Super Tuesday caucuses we elected delegates to our county party conventions. At the county conventions we elected delegates to the state and congressional district conventions. At the state and CD conventions we’ll elect delegates to the national convention. So, at the moment, we don’t yet know how many Colorado delegates each candidate has. We can only wonder how many similar screw-ups are factored into CNN’s tabulation.

If I’m doing the math correctly, there 408 delegates up for grabs in nine remaining Democratic primaries. If that’s right, it’s mathematically impossible for Clinton to win the nomination on pledged delegates, and Obama’s chances of doing so are pretty much nil. It’ll all come down to the just over 300 superdelegates who haven’t announced a preference, and maybe the Florida and Michigan delegations that the Democratic National Committee says (at least for now) are excluded from the national convention.

In other news, Bill Clinton is still a big fat liar.

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