We’re Number Nine!

Oh, glorious day! The “Institute for Legal Reform,” a charade generated by that whorishly greedy gaggle of shameless liars collectively known as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has published its annual Lawsuit Climate report for 2008.

Turns out that Colorado is the state with the ninth Mostest Fairest Litigation Climate in all the land, up from a dismal twenty-first place showing in 2007.

We have a way to go before overtaking states like Delaware and Indiana, where people injured through the negligence of others are staked to the ground and beaten vigorously about the crotch with canoe paddles preemptively before they can even think about making a claim, but we’re making progress, dammit.

After all, defense verdicts in injury cases arising from rear-end car crashes are running at about seventy percent in Colorado these days. That’s right: Seventy. Percent. And we’re not talking med mal here. We’re talking rear-end car crashes, the clearest of all clear liability cases.

Lesson: Colorado’s a magnificent place to live, but don’t ever, under any circumstances, get hurt here. If you do, you’re pretty much boned.

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  • PeteSmith  On April 30, 2008 at 11:04 pm

    Great post. This organization (the Institute for Legal Reform operated by the U.S. Chamber Institute), as you know, is essentially a “tort reform” lobby, pursuing a policy of limiting damages awards and eliminating purportedly frivolous lawsuits (never mind that a recent survey, conducted by the Federal Judicial Center, of 278 federal judges concluded that over 70% perceived groundless litigation as either a “small problem” or a “very small problem” and 15% said it was no problem at all. See http://www.knowyourcourts.com/News/2005-04-11_federalJudgesAcknowledgeNoFrivolousSuitProblem.pdf).

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