FDA staffers rat out FDA

This could prove interesting:

Thoreau-FDA.com is composed of and/or descriptive of current and ex-US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) staff who have succeeded, in resisting their upper management’s wrongful directives and requests that put public health at avoidable risk.  When unchecked, these wrongful directives/requests cause drug review outcomes to be misrepresented as carefully considered objective “science based” assessments, when they are, in fact, pre-determined. Click here to read Articles. These wrongful requests or directives by the US FDA’s upper managers are specifically called, undocumented top-down approve directives or requests.  Some US FDA staff resist such wrongful directives and requests by disobeying them.   This is called Civil Servant Disobedience.

Part of the problem, the past and present Food and Drug Administration staffers tell us, “is the abuse of FDA staff, who do their jobs by making publicly known, the existence of harmful and deadly products already approved for, and in, the market.” To paraphrase Gene Hackman in the movie Crimson Tide, these folks seem to have a serious weed up their asses and a legitimate gripe, a formidable combination.

Such issues are all the more important in light of the burgeoning trend in the federal courts to find that FDA regulations preempt state tort law. If the FDA isn’t doing its job and doing it well, we’re at the mercy of unscrupulous for-profit drug and medical device manufacturers.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Thoreau-FDA.com and reporting on any interesting new content.

H/T – TortDeform

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