Pigs v. People

Cheye Calvo, the mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland, came home on July 29 to find a package addressed to his wife sitting on the front porch. Unbeknownst to the mayor, the package contained thirty-two pounds of marijuana. Turns out that various police agencies had tracked the package across the country when a drug sniffing dog in Arizona first noticed it several days earlier. Pigs decided to let the package complete its journey and bust the addressee, who happened to be the mayor’s wife.

Indeed, it was a pig posing as a deliveryman who left the package on the porch to begin with. When he knocked on the door, the mayor’s mother-in-law answered and refused to sign for the package.

Mayor Calvo, having no idea what the package contained, brought it into the house, set it on a table and headed upstairs to change clothes. Within moments a bunch of sociopathic pigs from the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Department busted down down the door without knocking and entered with guns blazing. As is standard nowadays for pigs conducting drug raids, their first acts upon entering the home were blowing away the mayor’s two pet dogs, black labs, one of which was running away from the pig who shot him.

Bravo, pigs, bravo. It takes takes a rough, tough, big-nutted, monster-cocked, manly MAN to shoot a housepet that’s scared shitless and running away.

Naturally, the official pig party line is that they “felt threatened” by the dogs and were thus obliged to kill them. The sheer number of cops-shoot-dog stories that arise in similar contexts belie that claim completely. You might as well stop telling that lie, pussies. We all know that it’s SPP (standard pig procedure) to shoot any and all dogs you see upon entering a private residence on a drug raid.

And it gets better. They found the mayor upstairs in his underwear and made him back down the steps with this hands on his head to the first floor. There they handcuffed the mayor and his mother-in-law (the mayor’s wife wasn’t home) and forced them to lie on the floor just a few feet away from one of the slaughtered dogs. You stay classy, ya fucking pig pussies.

Law-and-order types are no doubt asking “Is the wife guilty?”, as if committing a drug offense justifies dog butchery and executing warrants without knocking and announcing. The answer, of course, is no. Yesterday the pigs arrested two guys for running an extensive marijuana smuggling operation that involved mailing the product to unsuspecting recipients. Mayor Calvo’s wife, Trinity Tomsic, was a victim.

As if the above weren’t sufficient, the pigs originally lied and claimed that a judge had given them a “no-knock” warrant allowing them to enter the residence without warning. A Maryland state law authorizes judges to issue such warrants if the pigs establish to the judge’s satisfaction a reasonable suspicion that knocking and announcing would endanger the officers’ safety or lead to the destruction of evidence. Turns out that the pigs never even requested a no-knock warrant, much less received one.

The pigs’ new story is that they were justified in breaking in without knocking because the mother-in-law saw them approaching and started screaming. That, say the pigs, justified immediate entry because the occupants could have been gathering weapons and/or destroying evidence. The pigs have absolutely no credibility on any issue in this case, so I’m entirely confident in calling this new “justification” a big fat lie.

Disgustingly enough, state statutes authorizing no-knock warrants are all the rage nowadays thanks to the 2006 U.S. Supreme Court decision Hudson v. Michigan, in which a narrow majority concluded that the exclusionary rule didn’t apply to violations of the common law knock-and-announce rule, which the Court long ago incorporated into Fourth Amendment jurisprudence. Justice Scalia assured us that the harsh sanction of excluding illegally obtained evidence was inappropriate in this context because of the “increasing professionalism of police forces[.]”

Professionalism such as that exhibited by the pigs of the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Department.

The mayor and his spouse gave a press conference today, and footage is available here. I wish this wouldn’t have happened at all, but perhaps the fact that it happened to prominent white couple will draw some much needed attention to the piggish behavior of the pigs and spur us on to start dismantling the police state in which we’ve acquiesced for so long.

So, then, we need some new rules. I suggest that one of them be no snitching. Rat out your fellow man to the pigs in only the most extreme and emergent circumstances. If the situation isn’t life-and-death now, it certainly will be when the heavily armed sociopaths clothed with the state’s imprimatur show up.

On a related note, do not help the pigs. This applies universally, but especially where the pigs are looking for information on a crime. In this lengthy video a law professor explains the dangers of an “I haven’t done anything wrong and thus have nothing to worry about” mindset.

Further, never under any circumstances assume that a pig will treat you or a loved one any way other than brutally and unlawfully. Such behavior is all too common as is, and will only get worse as more and more law enforcement functions are privatized.

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  • Sean  On September 11, 2008 at 9:59 pm

    If you get a chance, check out today’s 11th Cir. promotion of the use of torture domestically. I’ve covered the topic and provided a couple of personal Colorado anecdotes to boot on my “News & Comment” page. You know the link. If you’re as peeved as I am about it (or if you think I’ve got the wrong take), I hope you’ll write about it.


  • By Ignorantia Juris » The New Professionalism on August 7, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    […] lot of people are talking about the drug raid on a Maryland mayor (that’s just two, trust me, there are more).  The raid where the cops […]

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