Christian right plea for gross judicial activism fails

The Christian right lawyers trying to stop the Alaska Legislature from investigation Gov. Sarah Palin’s firing of the state’s top police official lost today. Alliance Defense Fund and Liberty Legal Institute lawyers invited the Alaska Supreme Court to commit a rather egregious separation of powers violation but shutting down the investigation. The Court declined invitation. The order affirming the trial judge’s dismissal of a lawsuit filed by the ADF and LLI lawyers is available here (pdf, 2 pages). An opinion will follow later.

Now it’s in the hands of the Legislative Council, the bipartisan group of legislators that authorized the investigation. The Council will meet this morning with special investigator Steve Branchflower and then vote on whether to make the 263-page report public.

Something tells me that the report itself could never live up to the hype/publicity generated by folks who brought us that idiotic lawsuit. Thanks for keeping the issue in the public eye, gents.

Update: The Legislative Council voted unanimously (12-0) to release the report. The conclusion: “Gov. Sarah Palin abused her power in pushing for the firing of an Alaska state trooper who was once married to her sister.” However, “Palin’s firing of Monegan was ‘a proper and lawful exercise’ of the governor’s authority.”

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