Want a real choice? Move to Colorado.

Stop complaining about the paucity of presidential candidate choices and do something about it: get thee to Colorado!

Check out this sample ballot (pdf, 3 pages), the nation’s longest. On it you’ll find an all-time record sixteen — count ’em, SIXTEEN — choices of presidential tickets. In addition to the usual crowd of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens and Ralph Nader, you can vote for the tickets of, inter alia, the HeartQuake ’08, Objectivist, Prohibition, Socialism and Liberation, Socialist USA and Boston Tea Parties.

Perusing the minority parties’ websites can be most informative. For instance, the Objectivist Party site tells us that Ayn Rand’s birthday was February 2, 2008. And all this time I thought that Rand died in 1982.

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