Court bitch-slaps wannabe election thief Mike Coffman

Mike Coffman, Colorado’s Republican Secretary of State, is a despicable sack of shit. He’s currently running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in a safe Republican congressional district, and virtually assured of victory. With his tenure as Secretary of State winding down fast, this petty, partisan hack and Katherine “Sugartits” Harris wannabe is doing everything possible to suppress the vote.

Back in July, Coffman began “Checkboxgate” by promulgating a rule that would invalidate tens of thousands of new voter registrations. Proper identifying information on new voter registration forms includes driver’s license number, state identification card number and Social Security number. Apparently, many new registrants used their Social Security numbers as identification, but didn’t check the box on the form stating “I do not have a Colorado Driver’s license or Dept. of Revenue identification number.”

Of course, there are other valid voter registration forms out there that don’t include the checkbox at issue. The form that does use the checkbox doesn’t actually say that checking it is required in order to register with a Social Security number. Perhaps most important of all, state law mandates that voters show ID at the polls in order to cast a vote. Thus, the identifying information on the registration form is of little consequence in and of itself.

So what was Coffman’s problem? The vast majority of new registrations came from groups considered friendly to Democrats. Moreover, many of the new registrants were YOUNG, in the 18-22 age range. In other words, Coffman’s problem is that many of these new registrants wouldn’t vote Republican. That simply won’t do during a presidential election year in which Colorado is actually in play for a change. Solution: get them hippies the fuck off the rolls.

Common Cause and others filed suit against Coffman in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado. The plaintiffs alleged in their complaint that Coffman violated federal voter registration laws by illegally scrubbing over 31,000 names from the rolls.

Yesterday the lawsuit settled. The settlement provides:

The morning after the election, the state will generate a list of voters who were removed from the rolls since May 14 and send it to county clerks and the groups’ attorneys for review.

The state then will order that the voters on the list who voted by provisional ballot will be verified before other provisional ballots that have been cast.

“Voters on the list shall be presumed to be eligible and their ballots will be counted,” the agreement says. “Only upon a showing by clear and convincing evidence that a voter is not eligible shall a provisional ballot be rejected by the county.”

The secretary of state also must conduct an independent review of each ballot rejected at the county level and order the clerk to count the ballot of any voter whose ballot was incorrectly rejected no later than two weeks before the certification of the statewide election results.

Fortunately for voting rights in Colorado, Coffman is a pig with delusions of grandeur who can’t keep his own maw shut to save his life. Soon after the settlement was announced he told the Rocky Mountain News that, settlement or not, he plans to keep purging names from the voter rolls and leaning on county election officials to do likewise.

This afternoon Judge John L. Kane told Coffman in no uncertain terms to knock it the hell off:

“There has been a violation of federal law, and that must cease and stop immediately,” Kane said from the bench. “That is the order.”

. . .

“I don’t think there is anything deliberate about this, although possibly something obdurate about the secretary’s comments (to the paper),” Kane said. “Let’s just cease and stop from … removing names immediately.”

Jessie Allen, a lawyer for the activists, then told the judge she was concerned Coffman wouldn’t follow the advice of his counsel, or the judge’s order.

“If the defendant doesn’t listen to his counsel, he’s going to be listening to me personally,” Kane said. “I don’t issue threats idly, and I’m not issuing one now. … I expect to be obeyed.”

Once again, the “elitist” and “undemocratic” judicial branch steps in to save democracy from Republican thuggery.

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  • Speaking of taking the law into one's hands...  On November 2, 2008 at 6:43 am

    Asswipes like Coffman are all the more digusting because of the nauseating piety with which they declaim American Patriotic Values, while working relentlessly to deprive citizens of their fundamental democratic right. I would never advocate that someone horsewhip such a hypocritical, anti-democratic twat. But I might not intervene if I saw it happening, either.

  • genghishitler  On November 2, 2008 at 9:17 pm

    I would never advocate that someone horsewhip such a hypocritical, anti-democratic twat.

    Which makes you a better person than I.


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