CO Senate Republicans officially “malicious”

In times past I’ve draw attention to, the online voice of Republicans in the Colorado State Senate. The unintentional hilarity associated with watching Republicans lose their shit in print is usually well worth a mouse click or two, but no longer!

Colorado Independent reports that, “that rich vein of ‘news and information from the Senate Minority Office,’ has morphed from a public relations faux-news outlet to an Internet ‘attack site’!”  Seems that web browsers’ security protocols are flagging CSN as a site that hosts malware, computer software that worms its way into your computer to do damage and/or gather private information and send it to another computer. The site is apparently lousy with viruses as well.

Colorado Independent concludes that “It’s tempting to believe the Republican techies were just clumsy in their attempts to fish data from visitors; but it’s equally tempting to believe they cluelessly left the site exposed and were hacked.” Stated differently, our Colorado Senate Republican brethren are evil, incompetent or both. No surprises there.

In any event, let’s all stay away from CSN for the time being. It won’t be easy, I know, but worthwhile endeavors rarely are.

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