Birfer Hijinx

I saw  this on t3h intart00bsz yesterday and have been laughing pretty much nonstop ever since. Seems that a gaggle of angry, old, bald-headed white men united under the banner of something called American Grand Jury are really, really upset that Barack Obama is President of the United States. These folks are birfers (the term “birthers” is insufficiently derisive IMO), people who believe for whatever reason that Obama is not a natural born Citizen of the U.S. and thus ineligible to serve as president.

These guys are also “self-declared constitutional experts” looking to have a grand jury indict Obama for treason. It’s not going particularly well:

First, a Tennessee man was arrested after walking into his local county courthouse to try to effect a citizen’s arrest of a grand jury foreman who had refused to investigate President Obama’s legitimacy to serve — an encounter partially caught on video. That enraged one Georgia-based member of the far-right OathKeepers group. Responding to a call from an extremist leader, he drove to Tennessee with an AK-47 in a bid to get his comrade released — only to wind up getting arrested himself.

Entertainingly enough, the guy they were looking to arrest is the foreman of s state grand jury. The problem, apparently, is the foreman’s failure to have Obama investigated for treason, a federal crime. For constitutional law experts, these fellows don’t seem to understand federalism very well.

Also, what’s with all this carriage of commie weaponry? They certainly don’t make patridiots like they used to.

Having a black man serve as president has been illuminating on multiple levels. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that such a thing could happen at all, but it certainly has brought out the crazies in droves.

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