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Tancredo identifies the REAL enemy

Thank goodness for raving madman and former presidential candidate Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO). Without him, we’d go right on believing that the problem in Iraq is the brown Arabs. With him, we now know that the real problem is the brown Hispanics in our own military. Tancredo’s questioning of St. David Petraeus during a House […]

Tom Tancredo: Dangerous Lunatic, Crybaby, but NOT a One-Trick Pony

I’m almost sorry about missing Sunday’s Republican presidential candidates debate. From what I’ve read and the snippets I’ve seen on the teevee, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo really did our state proud. The New York Times writeup, available here, accurately describes the proceedings, but mere words can’t convey the true depth and breadth of Tancredo’s insanity. […]

“The Tank” is back!

Sociopathic racist lunatic Tom Tancredo, who’s gotten more than his fair share of ink on this blog, simply won’t go away. The failed Republican presidential candidate and former congressman looks to be planning a run for Governor of Colorado, according to the good folks at Colorado Independent. Though he hasn’t formally declared, he’s telling reporters […]

Tommy, we hardly knew ye.

The scramble for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination became palpably less insane today when Colorado congressman and all-around nutburger Tom “I hate Mexicans and so should you” Tancredo dropped out of the race. Of course, “less insane” is a rather malleable idea. We still have Mitt Romney (who’s no doubt busting his buttons over getting […]

Iowa Straw Poll: Lotsa Bucks, Not Much Bang for Romney

Gloria, Gloria, In Excelcis Deo! The results of the Republican Iowa straw poll are in! The numbers, courtesy of Daily Kos look like this: 1. Mitt Romney 4,516 31.6% 2. Mike Huckabee 2,587 18.1% 3. Sam Brownback 2,192 15.3% 4. Tom Tancredo 1,960 13.7% 5. Ron Paul 1,305 9.1% 6. Tommy Thompson 1,039 7.3% 7. […]


Good Gawd A-Mighty. Check out the door of gibbering headcase and Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo’s campaign office in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Never before has anyone so hamfistedly and in such hoopty fashion attempted to exploit the quadrifecta of fear and hate: Mexicans, Murder, Molestation and Muslims. Attaboy, Tom. Keep them stoopidz coming. For now, […]

Paging Dr. Keyes! Republican candidates insufficiently insane and unelectable!

The fact that religiously insane “strict constructionist” and “Declarationist” Alan Keyes has supporters is creepy and disturbing enough, but now they’re planning to DO stuff. Showing up at this weekend’s Iowa straw poll, for instance. You’d think a field that includes such lunatic asylum legends as Tom Tancredo would be unelectable enough for anyone, but […]