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Do NOT call CNN

CNN is telling viewers to call CNN if they observe any election day shenanigans at the polls. Bullshit. Don’t do it.  CNN wants viewers and headlines; they don’t actually care whether you and your whole family gets disenfranchised.

If you see or experience any such issues, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE or 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA.

For a running tally on Republican efforts to steal this election, check out Our Vote Live, the Electronic Frontier Foundation/Election Protection Coalition site that documents calls received at the OUR-VOTE hotline. At this writing, they’ve received close to 30,000 reports

I’ll see all y’all Broomfield Dems tonight at the pizza place. I look forward to celebrating or commiserating with you.

Black like Sarah Palin

Good God Almighty. I have no words.

H/T – Wonkette

Wyeth v. Levine: “That be pre-empted.”

Here I previewed Wyeth v. Levine, the latest and arguably biggest case testing the limits of SCOTUS’s willingness to use the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution as an instrument of tort “reform.” The Court held oral argument today, and the transcript is available here (pdf, 66 pages).

At issue is whether the tort law of Vermont regarding a drug manufacturer’s failure to provide adequate label warnings conflicts with the federal Food and Drug Administration’s labeling regulatory scheme. I know better than to try predicting votes based on oral argument, but what the hell. I do all sorts of things I know better than to do.

Scalia and Roberts clearly favor the drug manufacturer. Thomas was characteristically silent, but he’ll side with the drug manufacturer as well. Ginsburg pretty clearly favors the plaintiff. The remaining Justices, based solely on their questions, could go either way. For example, Kennedy thinks that one component of Wyeth’s preemption argument is wholly bogus, but he seems much more sympathetic to an alternative argument. Thus, we could be looking at anything from 6-3 win for the plaintiff to an 8-1 win for Wyeth. Most likely outcome: 5-4 win for Wyeth.

BTW, the quote in the title of this entry appears on Page 34 of the transcript. In response to a hypothetical posed by Justice Alito, counsel for Ms. Levine said, “That be pre-empted.” Probably a transcription error (“That would be pre-empted” seems more likely), but for now I choose to believe that at least some manifestations of the consuetudinal “be” are acceptable in SCOTUS oral argument discourse these days.

We really do matter this time

You’ve no doubt heard it several hundred trillion times already. This will be the several hundred trillion and first. Colorado is a very big deal in this year’s presidential race.

The numbers wonks over at FiveThirtyEight have been busy doing what they do best: running computer simulations of the upcoming presidential election. McCain’s most common victory scenario has Obama winning all the Gore 2000 and Kerry 2004 states, with McCain winning everything else.

McCain’s problem in that scenario is that it becomes a loser for him and a winner for Obama if Colorado goes blue.

Let’s take nothing for granted. If you haven’t voted yet, please get out and do it on 11/4. Your vote counts, folks. It truly does.

Let’s show vile Republican criminal Mike Coffman that he can’t steal this election. Let’s show John McCain that the people of the United States are better than the violent, angry racist scum to which he so whorishly pandered himself.

McCain campaign sets shameful record

[I]t looks like GOP Gov. Sarah Palin actually did it — ran out the clock to earn her spot as the first major party candidate to entirely sidestep a formal news conference and an appearance on the Sunday news shows, a traditional test for those hoping to ascend to the nation’s highest offices.

One can’t fault the McCain campaign too hard for the lack of access. After all, each time Palin has talked with anyone other than an overt supporter, she’s exposed herself further as a liar and an idiot.

She can’t help it, even during interviews with unabashed supporters like Greta “Let’s Get Roaringly Drunk and Interview Todd Palin” van Susteren. Just yesterday Palin told the famous journal-tologist how important it is during the first hundred days of McCain’s presidency to shore up plans for winning the war in Iran.

Oops. At that point van Susteren did the only thing she could have done: ignored the comment and silently entreated Xenu to lower a veil of nonrecognition over the minds of the listeners.

The “war with Iran” comment is funny, of course, but it’s also more than a little disturbing. For something more along the lines of pure humor, check out Palin getting pranked into believing that she’s talking with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

So yeah, it’s hard to blame the powers that be in the McCain campaign for keeping Palin away from press conferences and Sunday morning teevee. That’s just a matter of survival.

What we can, indeed must, blame the campaign for is selecting Palin in the first place. If Obama wins the election — unlikely, IMO, given the depth and breadth of America’s racism and the sheer power of the Republican election fraud machine — the idiots who gave the final thumbs up to Palin’s selection get the lion’s share of the responsibility.